Panchkula, Haryana Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast for Panchkula, Haryana (Panchkula, State of Haryana), Panchkula - today, tomorrow, 10 days, 7 days

Air ConditionAir temperature, ° CFr atmospheres. hPa Wind directionWind speed

Monday, 28 July

20:00Cloudy+27° 998.9SSE1.0 m/s
23:00Partly cloudy+26° 1001.0SE2.6 m/s

Tuesday, 29 July

05:00Partly cloudy+25° 999.5ESE1.1 m/s
11:00Rain+31° 1000.7SSE3.6 m/s
17:00Partly cloudy+28° 998.2SSE1.1 m/s
23:00Light rain+26° 1001.1ESE1.6 m/s

Wednesday, 30 July

05:00Light rain+25° 1000.6SSE1.5 m/s
11:00Light rain+30° 1001.8SSE3.1 m/s
17:00Partly cloudy+29° 998.1SSE0.7 m/s
23:00Rain+27° 1000.8SE2.2 m/s

Thursday, 31 July

05:00Cloudy+25° 1000.3SSE1.0 m/s
11:00Rain showers+29° 1001.5SE3.0 m/s
17:00Cloudy+29° 996.7SSW1.7 m/s
23:00Light rain+27° 1000.0SE3.5 m/s

Friday, 1 August

05:00Rain showers+25° 998.9SSE2.1 m/s
11:00Rain+29° 1000.1SSE2.6 m/s
17:00Cloudy+29° 995.7SSE0.9 m/s
23:00Rain+27° 999.3SE2.7 m/s

Saturday, 2 August

05:00Light rain showers+25° 998.4SSE2.4 m/s
11:00Light rain showers+28° 999.5SSE2.3 m/s
17:00Cloudy+29° 995.6SSE1.6 m/s
23:00Cloudy+26° 998.8SE3.1 m/s

Sunday, 3 August

05:00Light rain showers+26° 997.6SE3.5 m/s
11:00Partly cloudy+27° 998.9SE5.3 m/s
17:00Cloudy+29° 995.2SSE3.8 m/s
23:00Cloudy+26° 998.5SE2.7 m/s

Monday, 4 August

05:00Light rain+26° 997.3SE1.7 m/s
11:00Heavy rain+30° 998.9SE1.2 m/s
17:00Cloudy+28° 996.3SE2.3 m/s
23:00Cloudy+26° 998.9SE1.7 m/s

Tuesday, 5 August

05:00Partly cloudy+25° 998.5ESE1.4 m/s
11:00Light rain+29° 999.9SSE2.8 m/s
17:00Partly cloudy+28° 995.7SSE1.2 m/s
23:00Light rain+26° 998.1SSE1.5 m/s

Wednesday, 6 August

05:00Light rain showers+25° 997.2ESE0.6 m/s
11:00Light rain+29° 998.8SSE2.1 m/s
17:00Light rain+29° 994.3SSW0.6 m/s
23:00Rain+26° 998.0SE3.0 m/s

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